Our Mission & Our Vision

Etymologically speaking, Plethora is of Ancient Greek origin. It derives from the verb πλήθω (plḗthō, “to be full”). For us, it translates to a state of profusion, as we aim to present a Plethora of offerings for you to achieve complete satiety of the senses. Established in 2022, Plethora Luxury Suites is a deluxe accommodation destination, comprising four lavish villas. Plethora is located in the mountain village of Rodia (formerly Rogdia), on the northern coast of Crete, just 18 kilometres outside of Heraklion city and only 3 kilometres from Paleokastro Beach. Oriented towards the Aegean sunrise, Plethora boasts an 180° sea view with panoramic vistas of the Heraklion Gulf and Dia island. Set on the top side of Rodia hill, Plethora is designed to blend in with its earthy surroundings. The villa complex follows an organic architectural flow, revealing an eclectic approach towards the construction of its imaginatively relaxing and harmoniously vibrant interior spaces.


It is our mission in the world to please our residents with a plethora of positive memories and emotions, by offering the utmost tailor-made experiences of luxury hospitality on the fabled island of Crete.

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Our vision is to carry on with the Greek tradition of *philoxenia and update its practice with an extra touch that pays tribute to the highlights of this great island. We truly wish to give prominence to the unusual aura of the Cretan **topos, by promoting its culture as a way of living. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the region by establishing a returning community of seasonal islanders who will treasure and care for our island like genuine locals.

*From Ancient Greek φῐλοξενῐᾱ́ (philoxeníā), literally translating to “love of the foreign” and used tosignify an act of hospitality and sense of welcome-ness
** From Ancient Greek τόπος (tópos), literally meaning “place”, but used to signify all the contained and surrounding elements that account for the local experience of said place.

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