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Plethora Luxury Suites

From Latin plēthōra; from Ancient Greek πληθώρη (plēthṓrē): abundance, excess, profusion.

Established in 2022, Plethora Luxury Suites,  is a deluxe accommodation destination, comprising four lavish villas. Plethora is located on the northern coast of Crete, just 18 kilometres outside of Heraklion city. Oriented towards the Aegean sunrise, Plethora boasts an 180° sea view with panoramic vistas of the Heraklion Gulf and Dia island.


Unique Hospitality Experience

Plethora is a villa residence consisting of four comfort living apartments of exquisite taste  in design and stylistic details. Two sets of villas that can also be booked together, offering:

2 Villa Types
Up to 6 guests
Swimming pool
Fully equipped
Pet Friendly

Meet Cretan Philoxenia

At Plethora, we want you to make the most out of your stay. Apart from the standard facility features that all residents benefit from, we also provide additional items and services to maximise your leisure.

Scenic Location

Situated in the scenic village of Rodia in the municipality of Gazi, Plethora is a 25’ drive from Heraklion city and port. Heraklion’s airport is just three kilometres outside of the center, and only a 20’ drive from Plethora through the peripheral road.

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